2016 Rules and Guidelines

2016 Location & Theme

For Canstruction 2016 we are returning to the atrium at Rincon Center. We are able to accommodate approximately 11 structures within the main atrium space.

This year’s inspirational theme is “AmeriCAN Grown.” What home-grown luminaries, inventions, or ideas have nurtured our country? The possibilities are endless!

Can Acquisition (only for teams still in need to complete their structure)

For those teams needing to purchase additional cans for your structure, here is how it will work.

  1. Team will source and purchase their cans.
  2. Receipts for the purchase of the cans will be turned into the SFMFB for reimbursement.
  3. Cans can be directly shipped to the SFMFB.  But Team captains need to notify Rachel, Katy or Bridget at the SFMFB of the expected delivery date and quantity. The warehouse needs be ready to take and store the cans.
  4. Your cans will be delivered to your build site and be ready for you to build.
$2500 Fundraising Minimum

Teams are still asked to meet the $2500 fundraising minimum. These donations will go directly to the SF‐Marin Food Bank. While our event provides a great donation of cans to the SF‐Marin Food Bank, they are also in need of cash donations to support additional fresh food and outreach programs. 

The SF‐Marin Food Bank team webpages will continue to be available to promote your team’s fundraising efforts. Team captains can request progress reports or a list of those that have donated to your team directly from the SF‐Marin Food Bank of donations received. 

  • Bridge Carney (bcarney@sfmfoodbank.org)
  • Katy Mann (kmann@sfmfoodbank.org)
Test Build & Can Review Day 2/20/16
  • The SFMFB has confirmed the availability of one Test Build Day ‐ Saturday, February 20 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
  • RSVP to Katy Mann (415-883-1302 ext. 022) if you will be utilizing the Test Build Day by  January 15, 2016 . Remember, test builds are NOT mandatory/necessary and most Canstruction events do not involve this step. You will have 8 hours to build your structure on Build Day! 
  • Teams doing a test build will be putting their cans back in the cardboard cases and then stacking in bins labeled with their team names – the SFMFB CANNOT PALLETIZE and wrap loose cans…. 
  • Teams can also just come in to check their inventory ‐ and place the unopened shrink wrapped cases back on the pallets to be wrapped and labeled with their team name. 
  • Teams are permitted to pack their pallets with any large items (boards, rods, Masonite, etc.) they need for Build Day. These items must fit onto the pallet.
Design of Your Structure

If you have made any substantial changes to the design of structure since you submitted your design, please send Karena Quijano or Sarah Mergy an updated final design image(s) before January 8, 2016.

  1. Each team will have an official Team Sign (30" x 42") provided by SF Canstruction. These signs will contain basic information about your structure and team and must follow strict graphic standards. Please complete the form by December 18, 2015
  2. If you have any sponsors and/or other team members that you would like to mention or thank, you have the opportunity to provide an additional sign at your own expense. This sign must be the same size as the official Team Sign (30" x 42") and mounted on a self-standing foam core board. NO EASELS WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE EVENT.
Build Day 2/27/16

Build Day will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at Rincon Center from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. You will have exactly 8 hours to build your structures, so please arrive on time.

  1. If you purchased additional cans not donated by Del Monte, they may be delivered to Rincon Center on Build Day after 9 a.m.

  2. Only 5 people are permitted to build at any given time. You can always swap team members in during the 8-hour period and have a person un‐boxing cans/getting rid of trash, but only FIVE (5) people are allowed in your 10x10 build space at a time.

  3. No children under the age of 13 are permitted on site during Build Day for safety and liability purposes. Kids and adults of all ages are highly encouraged to come during the Public Exhibition.

  4. Try to do as much prefabrication/cutting of foam core or other materials you require prior to Build Day.

  5. Bring plenty of extra supplies (tape, scissors, foam‐core, cardboard). Overestimate what you might need. Take away all that you don’t use at the end of the day.

  6. Bring a ladder if you are building tall.

  7. When your structure is completely finished, bring over a member of the Canstruction Committee to sign you out. We’ll take a team photograph of you and your structure. There may also be a videographer shooting teams building, finished structures, and conducting team interviews.

  8. Some teams last year set up time lapse photography and posted it on YouTube. Just be mindful where you are placing your tripod. Make sure it’s not in anyone’s way, including your own team.

  9. Contributors to Canstruction may drop by to say hello, hand out gifts, products, etc. Please be courteous, cheerful and happy to meet them. Without their financial and in‐kind donations we would be unable to produce Canstruction. Kindly let them know beforehand that children are not allowed on Build Day.

  10. Your captain may be called if your structure looks like it is structurally unsound, sagging, slipping, etc. Be prepared to get to Rincon Center and rebuild it immediately. If fixing is impossible, you must dismantle your structure and move cans to the storage room.

  1. Judging is done anonymously.
  2. Team members cannot be on location at the time of judging.
  3. No signage is displayed until the jury has made its final decision and it has left.
Awards Reception 2/29/16

An awards reception will be held on Monday, February 29, 2016 at Rincon Center from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Each participating team is invited to come, celebrate and continue to raise funds for the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Invitations (via Eventbrite or Evite) will be sent out to each team’s captain(s) and you should encourage all who helped build and donated to attend!  We do require everyone to RSVP so we can make sure to have enough food and beverage to go around.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. Best Meal
  2. Best Use of Labels
  3. Structural Ingenuity
  4. Juror’s Favorite
  5. Honorable Mention (People’s Choice – voting online and awarded after Decanstruction)
  6. Honorable Mention (Best Interpretation of Theme)
  7. And NEW this year – Team with the largest dollar amount raised for the SF-Marin Food Bank!

Please make sure at least one member of your team is present to accept an award and answer any questions regarding the design.

Decanstruction 3/5/16

Participating teams are responsible for taking down their structures at the end of the public exhibition period. Decanstruction is scheduled for Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Each entry must be taken down carefully and placed in the rolling bins provided. Try not to dent the cans as you place them in the bins. As mentioned previously, teams are responsible for leaving their spaces “broom clean” on Decanstruction Day.

Structure Rules
  1. The maximum official team size is five (5) people. You may swap other team members in during build day, but only 5 people may build at a time and only 5 people will be named “official” team members on all structure signage.
  2. All structures cannot exceed 10’L x 10’W x 8’H.
  3. Structures MUST be structurally self-supporting.
  4. Cans must be full, unopened, and with labels intact and legible. You may not cover labels, strip them off, or alter them in any way.
  5. You may use additional, non-Del Monte cans as structural support. However, 90% of the cans within view must be Del Monte products.
  6. The following items are prohibited:

    a)      Glass containers

    b)      Pet food

    c)      Alcoholic beverages

    d)      Open or exposed food

    e)      Permanent adhesives

    f)       2x4s

    g)      Half inch plywood

    h)      Half inch thick tubing

    i)       Sheet metal

  7. The following items are strongly discouraged from being used, so please use your own discretion:

    a)      Boxes & bags (Remember, the name of the competition is Canstruction!)

    b)      Props (Jurors prefer pure food structures. All things equal, a structure with props will lose when judged against a structure without props.)

    c)          Soda & “junk food” (Depending on the jury, you run the risk that they will penalize you for using non-nutritional items. Please make every effort in designing your structure to use nutritional foods.

  8. You can use these:

    a)      ¼” thick foam core, cardboard, masonite, plywood, plexiglass and threaded rod for the purpose of leveling or balancing materials. These may not be load bearing.

    b)      Cardboard tubes used as guides limited to ¼” thick. Note: A structure where the leveling materials cannot be seen is usually judged as superior to a structure where it is in plain view.

    c)      Velcro, clear and double-sided tape may be used, provided the labels are not damaged once they are removed.

    d)      High tension rubber bands, nylon string, wire and tie-backs

  9. Teams are responsible for leaving their specific spaces “broom-clean” both on Build and Decanstruction Days.
Dates to Remember

February 27, 2015: Early Bird Entry Forms and Fees Due

March 6, 2015: All Entry Forms and Fees Due

April 15, 2015: Can Wish List & Preliminary Concept Due

April 22, 2015: Fundraising Informational Meeting at the SF-Marin Food Bank

May 4, 2015: Fundraising Begins

December 18, 2015: Team Board Write-Up Due

January 8, 2016: Final Design Due

January 15, 2016RSVP to SFMFB for Test Build Day

February 5, 2016: Cans delivered to SFMFB

February 20, 2016: Test Build & Can Review (voluntary, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

February 26, 2016: Fundraising Closes

February 27, 2016: Build Day (Additional Can Delivery if required)

February 28, 2016Start of Public Exhibition

February 29, 2016: Awards Reception

March 4, 2016: End of Public Exhibition

March 5, 2016: Decanstruction & Donation & Cleanup


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