Source:  SF Weekly
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Author:  Devin Holt

We tried to get through this post without using the word CAN excessively, but we just don't see how you CAN look at something like the San Francisco CANstruction Event and not go a little ape with the puns. Even the organizers are getting in on the act with this year's theme, the CANnes Film Festival. Too cute.

If you've never heard of it, CANstruction is a benefit for the San Francisco Food Bank where teams of architects and designers come together and design large structures out of -- you guessed it -- canned food. They compete for titles like Best Use of Labels, Structural Ingenuity, and Best Meal. We're not just talking about your average tinkerers stacking up cans here either; last year's contest included a model cable car and a CANSAmerica building.

This year, with the film festival theme, we're told to expect models of King Kong, JAWS, and scenes from Alice in Wonderland, among others. Competing teams include Turner Construction, ZFA Structural Engineers, and Crome Architecture, and the judging takes place on November 12 at the opening reception. Previous years judges have included Benu restaurant's head chef Cory Lee, and architect Peter Pfau of Pfau Long Architecture.

The entries will also be on display for free public viewing in the One Market lobby from November 12-17 (sculptures will then be dismantled and the cans will be used for their original purpose). Viewers are also encouraged to bring some canned food for a donation. Last year's exhibit resulted in the largest single-day donation in the Food Bank's history. And that -- we think it's safe to say -- is totally CANtastic!

CANstruction starts Monday, November 12 at 6 p.m. at One Market, 1 Market (at Embarcadero) S.F. Admission to the opening reception is $35-$75 (includes two drinks).